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    CCISG ( the Portal for Corporate Course In Singapore ) is adopting the brand new and advanced business model O2O - Online marketing to Offline training, it grows up since the establishment in 2010, The portal is really a platform for trainer and trainee to dance together. We belive you can always find a course which is suitable for you.
    Public Courses
    CCISG's commitment to service is rooted for your business needs. It begins by aligning with corporate strategies, culture and events. All the trainers in CCISG are evaluated and deliver the results for the customers. There are over 50 trainers and provide 200-300 different courses yearly. The public courses are divided into the categories listed below:

    • Leadership & Influence
    • Presentation Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Team & People Performance
    • EQ, IQ & AQ
    • Personal Branding & Personality
    • Mind Mapping, Memory & Speed Reading
    • Business Writing Skills
    • Thinking, Innovation, Problem Solving & Creativity
    • Sales, Marketing & Negotiation Skills
    • Business Plan, Event Planning & Project Mgm
    • Stress & Time Management
    • Motivation & Resilience
    • Supervising skills
    • Conflict Management
    • Developing Mindfulness
    • Sun Tzu Strategies
    • Lean Management & Stakeholder
    • Listening Skills
    • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Body Language
    • Storytelling
    • Branding and Image
    • Customer Services
    • Finance & Accounting
    • Supplier Chain & Logistics
    • HR Management
    • IT Courses

    The full year course calendars could be obtained via email to
    In-House Training
    At CCISG, we understand the value of the consistent and continuous improvement and development for individuals, corporate and organization. Keeping the staff up to date on knowledge and skills is the key for your success.

    We provide in-house training based on customer request and the customization content could be integrated together. The training can be conducted at your venue or we arranged the venue for you. We believe the In-house will be a cost-down solutions for best selection.

    All our public workshops can be tailored and conducted specially for your staff. We can also design and develop programmes to meet your specific needs.
    Short Talk & Keynote Speaking
    We realized that more organisations are wanting 'quick fixes' of motivation and learning in just half day or one to two hours. The is the best way that all staff have the opportunity to gather together to attend this fast-speeding keynote speaking.
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