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    Date Feb 15, 2019
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Holiday Inn Singapore
    Orchard City Centre
    11 Cavenagh Road
    Singapore 229616
    Fee SGD 335.00
    For Member
    SGD 318.25
    Other Date(s)1) May 10, 2019
    2) Aug 02, 2019
    3) Nov 08, 2019
    You may reach us via
    T: (65) 9879 6267
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    An On-the-Spot Tool, known for interviewing skills, to develop a comprehensive profiling test that didn’t use a written test. You could profile anyone, anytime, and anywhere for negotiations to sales to hiring staff.

    How It Works?
    Answer direct questions in your mind about someone and you’re able to access a 2-page profile that shows how a person prefers to:
    - Communicate
    - Make Decisions
    - Strengths and Shortcomings
    - How to Sell / Present to This Person
    - How to Lead or Confront.

    You answer the questions through observations (not body language), interaction, and in many cases you can identify the profile before you meet someone. How is this possible? Through validated interactive training that will increase the accuracy of your reads to 75% or higher.
    After completing this course, which hones participants’ awareness and communication skills, they should be able to:
    • Recognize your own and others’ traits, types and profiles.
    • Know how a person prefers to communicate and make decisions.
    • Use a direct, simple and structured system in reading people.
    • Improve communication skills, exploring and fine tuning business relationships, parenting/teaching skills, increase sales and insuring confident hiring.
    • Knowing your own attitudes, values and beliefs
    • Knowing others?attitudes, values and beliefs
    • Recognizing Feelings

    A Powerful Tool
    • Communicate.
    • Perform on the Job.
    • Make Decisions.
    • Talk Versus the Walk.

    Systematic Accuracy
    • Reading Others.
    • The FOUR Rules
    • Actions, Traits and Types.

    Using the Gauge (Communication)
    • Question number 1. (Control or Express)
    • Practice your Skills.
    • Question number 2. (Ask or Tell)
    • Practice your skills
    • Identifying the Communication Type.

    Pulling It All Together
    • Tips for successful Reads.
    • Putting it into Practice.
    Who should attend
    • Leaders and Managers who conducts Interviews and wanting to know their staff better.
    • Salesperson who wants to Sell and Present and know the Client's Profile and Thoughts
    • HR Manager, Executives, Administrators and staff who are involved in the organization recruitment processes and wants to have a better Job Match
    • People who does negotiation often and wants to have a better control of the situation.
    The trainer is very engaging, interact with the participants, giving & citing real life examples which all can apply to daily life. Trainer also explain & illustrate the materials very well.

    Enable me to learn what I learnt with different age group in my company. Group size is just nice for discussion & sufficient discussion & learning.
    David Ong's Profile
    David has more than 25 years of Managing, Developing and Training Human Capital both local and regional countries.

    His vast training experiences and travels make him a close Business Consultant with numerous corporations, partnering them in their Organization Development in areas related to Values and Culture, Training Needs Analysis, Training Evaluation and Leadership Competency Model.

    His niche areas are delivering Leadership Competency Related Programs; ie, Project Management, Change Management, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Creativity, Innovation, Negotiations, Diversity Management, Team Enhancement, Communications, People Skills, and Human Behavioral Science(Psychology/Sociology).

    His professional training development includes PDTD from STADA/Singapore, Training Design from Wagga Wagga/Australia and Training Methodologies from Canada.

    He is also the Master Trainers with a few recognized institutions in conducting Train The Trainer programs in Training Delivery, Training Methodology, Training Design, OJT Structuring, Test Constructions and Presentation Skills.

    His passion in Human Behavioral Science has seen him further studied in the fields of Education-Adult Learning and Psychology-Behaviors.
    He is also certified in numerous profiling tools namely;
    - Whole Brain Thinking HBDI level 1, 2 and 3.
    - TetraMap in Leadership profiling.
    - The US FBI “Art of Profiling” and others.
    - Global US Sandler Sales Master Trainer.
    - Handwriting Analysis
    - DISC
    - MBTI
    - NLP Practitioner
    - Practitioner of Mindfulness

    He also received the Singapore President Efficiency Medal.
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