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    Date Jul 04, 2018
    Time 9:00am to 5:30pm
    Venue Holiday Inn Singapore
    Orchard City Centre
    11 Cavenagh Road
    Singapore 229616
    Fee SGD 340.00
    3 & above: SGD320.00 each
    For Member
    SGD 323
    3 & above: SGD304 each
    Other Date(s)1) Apr 03, 2019
    You may reach us via
    T: (65) 9879 6267
    To register via fax, fill in This Form and fax to (65) 6310 5430.
    A High Impact 1-day Sales Training

    Statistics show that 80% of all sales started wrongly, that is why they did not result in a sale. This is due to lack of proper sales techniques. For example, many still sell base on over-promise and making statements, when they should be asking questions and offering choices.

    In this 1-day highly effective How to Close Every Sale course, you will learn proven strategies to increase your sales, systematize your selling process, build a strong reputation, and most importantly, get more $$$ from your daily sales activities.

    Focused around our proven methods including Sales Funnel and QAQAQA coaching materials, you will bring back and implement strategies that work for thousands of companies worldwide…
    The goals and rationale of the proposed training are to equip the team with skills, attitudes and knowledge in the areas of sales closing, sales presentation, sales negotiation and communication. The objective is to turn them from ordinary salespeople into high performing sales professionals that create massive results for both the company and themselves.

    Projected Benefits
    1. The participants will have different mindset towards sales, business development, serving customers, generating leads and adding value to the company. They will be more effective in managing their daily business.
    2. They will also be empowered and enthusiastic in their daily sales achievements.
    3. The participants will be given a tool for Open and Honest communication, which means that problems are highlighted immediately and resolved quickly.
    4. Team will function more effectively with each other, be more productive, have consistent service, know how to solve problems and be more efficient in work. This will reduce wastage and improve productivity.
    5. The management will have a effective methodology to create a powerful plan of action focused on results as well as a great culture that will empower not only the staff but the customers as well.
    1. First thing first: How to Exceed your Sales Target and Get Motivated
    2. What is Sales Closing and Its Importance: Test on ‘Are You Closing Files or Sales?
    3. ACT’s 7-Ways to Close Every Sale
    4. Selling Features, Advantages and Benefits as Applied to Your Prospect
    5. The 5 Most important things: Target Market, Prospect Conversion, Client Conversion, No. of Transactions and Average Dollar Sale
      • Top 25 Strategies to Increase your sales with the 5-Ways leverage (case study)
    6. Closing More Sales with DISC and VAK analysis
    7. The Sales Process from Needs to Closing
    8. The Question Funnel and Question Process to Close More Sales
    9. Handling Objections the effective way
      • Top 15 Ways to Handle Objections
      • Another 68 Ways to Overcome Objections
    10. Power of Dollarization
    11. Follow-up to
    12. Sales Negotiation Success – the basics
    13. Being Professional in 8 Ways
    14. Preventing Buyers' Remorse
    Who should attend
    The team of salespeople and sales managers that want to outsell their competition.
    • There will be lively presentations, indoor games, exercises, discussions, role play and case studies. Video clips (cut movies) will be shown in the training to have deeper emphasize on the concepts.
    • There will be not just theories but also lively discussions with the participants. Instead of the trainer telling them the pointers, the participants will share what they know and let the trainer validate their points.
    Interesting - many useful sales & marketing tips, skills & strategies. I rate this 10 out of 10 points.
    Fiona Giam, Convention Links (S) P L

    Refresh and remind us of many essential selling concepts. I like the part on "Handling Objections".
    Alfred Lee, Sales Director, Panduit Asia Pte Ltd

    I Learn about DISC, this will help me in selling to them. Andy The Coach is my preferred trainer.
    Justina Goh, Sales Manager, Hilton Hotel Singapore
    Andy Ng's Profile
    Master Business Coach and Trainer

    Andy Ng graduates from NUS and also holds a MBA from the Heriot-Watt University of UK.

    Andy used to be the Director of the world's 5th largest computer networking equipment supplier - Allied Telesyn International. The Group enjoys annual turnover of US$420 million employing 1,300 staff worldwide. Andy's other experiences include banking at Chase Manhattan Bank, consultancy at KPMG Consulting and sales at Vickers Ballas Holdings Limited.

    As a trainer, trains companies on marketing, business planning, teambuilding, systematization, financial analysis, investment, human resource management, public speaking, sales, management and personal effectiveness. Currently he is the training for SingTel's on-going training programs, in addition to various other training assignments for companies including Beckon Dickinson Medical, Singapore Recreation Club, C & H Realty, Skyquestcom, NTUC and AIA agencies. The public seminars conducted by Andy are highly popular, and some of them were featured on NewsRadio 938. Andy is also a Certified Trainer with the American Management Association (AMA), a top notch US management development organization.
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