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    Date Oct 15, 2018
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
    7% GST will apply
    SGD 490.00
    3 & above: SGD470.00 each
    For Member
    SGD 465.5
    3 & above: SGD446.5 each
    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request
    Other Date(s)1) Jul 15, 2019
    2) Oct 07, 2019
    You may reach us via
    T: (65) 9879 6267
    To register via fax, fill in This Form and fax to (65) 6310 5430.
    Insights to Body Language & Behavioural Profiling dwells into the paradigm of behavioural patterns and observational profiling techniques. As we communicate on a daily basis, pervasive patterns of body language and linguistic patterns are inevitable. This highly energized workshop delivers the knowledge needed to analysis emotional traits, verbal & non-verbal ques in practice while equipping with the fundamental techniques to spot, diffuse and apply practical strategies for positive impact.
    At the end of the course participants will learn:
    • Observation Profiling
    • Gain insight into body language and understand the behaviour of others
    • Linguistic Patterns for better communication
    • Learn to analyse language patterns and decrypt intention of others
    • Apply learnt information to be a great communicator
    • Understanding Human Behaviour
    • The Pre-Dominant States
    • Habits Of The Mind
    • Problems of Healthy people – Mental Blocks
    • Resistance vs Reluctance
    • Framing & Reframing
    • Non-Verbal Ques – Body Language
    • Behaviour & Emotional Projections
    • Insights to Observation Profiling
    • Understanding Linguistic Patterns
    • Tell Tale Signs – Deception
    • Look at spoken language patterns to analyse what they are actually saying.
    • Diffusing Deception – Techniques
    • Be Adaptive: Strategize your communication style to match different profiles

    • Become better communicators
    • Excel in leadership capabilities
    • Be able to diffuse deception
    • Become more adaptive to others
    • Be able to observe emotional traits
    Who should attend
    Staffs involved in people management
    • Mini Lectures
    • Action Based Learning
    • Role-Play and Activities
    • Case Scenario Analysis
    I came with a certain objectives in mind. Everything was achieved and they will be applied to my work as well. Good activities when everyone gets to participate to make the course lively.
    Mr Praga is able to answer all our questions with confidence and make us understand. His knowledge is fantastic.
    Singapore Police Force

    The course is interesting and useful. Mr Praga is very interactive with the class and able to share examples of topics taught.
    Singapore Police Force

    Well done Praga! Enriching Course! His experience and knowledge speaks a lot!
    Singapore Police Force

    I was able to understand the insights to body language and behavioral profiling. The learning materials was good which I could put into good use. Trainer was knowledgeable and make the training a fun one. The skills the trainer taught will be a life skill which i can put into use on a daily basis. Nice! Awesome time!
    Singapore Police Force

    The lesson was in-depth and examples were realistic. Varies from hands on activities to role playing and normal presentation. Very Good! Very enthusiastic and engaging. Give off a good vibe. Very clear in explanation too.
    Singapore Police Force

    Learning objectives & outcome clear. The workshop is informative and useful, Trainer is engaging and give lively presentation. Excellent trainer!!
    Ministry of Manpower

    Short, sharp & simple. Very sweet. The materials is just right. Trainer is superb, well-paced. He is able to captivate, engage and motivate us.
    Workforce Singapore

    The trainer is extremely skillful. Excellent presentation. Thank for the good job.
    Singapore Police Force

    The applications that he taught was very practical. The workshop is very good and I learnt more than what I expected.
    Central Provident Fund Board

    A lot of beneficial information within this one day workshop
    Singapore Police Force
    Praga's Profile
    Praga is a highly interactive and innovative international trainer, whose work is mainly based on research and applied knowledge from extensive experiences in benchmarking organizations best practices. As a prolific training & development leader, his training uniqueness comes from his Accelerated Training Approach which is built on Learning Design Re-patterning Model (TM) known by many to be entertaining, refreshing, yet filled with success formulas. Praga is the co-founder of Accelerated Training Approach built on Learning Design Re-Patterning (TM) Model and a Fellow Member with the Institute of Therapies Management (London). Holding a Masters in Organizational Psychology, a Degree in Business Administration and several Diplomas in Psychology and Psychotherapy, Praga is the only Singaporean to be certified as a Master Trainer with the Institute Therapist Management of London researching on Human Behavior.

    Praga is also a
    Certified ACTA Singapore Trainer & Facilitator
    Certified Master Trainer in Psychotherapy
    Certified ATA Master Trainer
    Certified Psychometric Profiling Trainer
    Certified Trainer in Applied Counselling
    Certified Stress Management Trainer
    Certified NLP Master Practitioner
    Certified Master Life Coach
    Certified Behavior Management Specialist.

    Adding to his credentials, his dynamic and refreshing approach is supported by his vast experiences in the corporate paradigm. In his career portfolio, Praga had successfully held the helms for senior positions such as Business Development Manager (APAC), Senior Training Consultant, Assistant Director in various organizations. He has worked with renown international speakers. Praga has also been interviewed by national T.V (MediaCorp) for good instructional practice & his articles are often found in Asia Pacific Publications.
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