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    Date Jul 25, 2018
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
    7% GST will apply
    SGD 480.00
    3 & above: SGD460.00 each
    For Member
    SGD 456
    3 & above: SGD437 each
    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request
    “Think of difficult people as sandpaper. They may rub you and scratch you painfully but eventually you end up smooth and the sandpaper worn out…stay happy and enjoy life.” Raymund Salumbides.

    Just like in the mythological world where there are monsters, the workplace has their own share as well. You may have people working in your organization who display similar characteristics of these mythical monsters. These so called ‘workplace monsters’ have a knack of creating dissonance in the organization through the way they think, talk and contribute their labour. If you are not wary of them they can be dangerous in that they can sap away your enthusiasm and commitment to your work and make you feel emotionally bankrupt. Just like the quote above, these ‘workplace monsters’ are like sandpaper and they may cause emotional distress to you by their words, action and engaging in a process of passive bullying. However if you know and learn how to deal with them it will not only make you more confident of your own merits but you may be able to turn things around and see the benefit of working with these kind of people.

    In this action and result oriented seminar you will learn how to detect these workplace monsters so that you can deal and work with them effectively. Workplace monsters are not necessarily bad people - it is just that they have a certain odd way of dealing with situations such that they wittingly or unwittingly create discord and disorder in the organization. By strategically developing the right mental tools it becomes possible to tame these monsters so that you can get work done and at the same time tap into their nefarious habits to come up with a win-win strategy.
    By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
    • Understand why some people are difficult to deal with
    • Define civility, understand its causes and enumerate at least three of its behavioural indicators
    • Understand the costs of incivility, as well as the rewards of civility, within the workplace
    • Understand and apply the power of empathy
    • Identifying the eight types of ‘workplace monsters’
    • Learning to deal and work effectively with each type of ‘monster’
    • How to neutralize toxic emotions in the workplace
    • Learn skills in diagnosing the causes of uncivil behaviour
    • Appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of mythical monsters
    • Co-relate mythical monsters to difficult people in your life
    • Self-evaluate whether you have any ‘monstrous’ tendencies
    • Detect effectively the 8 different types of workplace monsters in your organization
    • Tame the workplace monsters and turn them into valuable allies
    • Learn a recommended procedure for systematizing civil behaviour within the workplace.
    What you will cover in this action oriented one day workshop
    • Valuable appreciation of the characteristics of mythical monsters
    • What is uncivil behaviour
    • Dealing with difficult personalities
    • A case study of real-life monsters [destructive leaders] in history
    • Identify the 8 types of workplace monsters and the characteristics they display
    • Appreciate why some people become monster – seek to understand before being understood
    • Communicate effectively with ‘corporate monsters’ to come up with win-win strategy
    • Protecting your emotional and mental state from people who create dissonance in your life
    • Self-evaluation of how you portray yourself to the influential people in your life
    • Work productively and effectively with workplace monsters
    • Tame the Shrew – a winning formula to prevent backstabbing, rumour mongering and bad-mouthing by boosting your personal balance
    • Turn monsters into your allies to boost the organizational productivity
    • Identify and overcome the four causes of incivility in the workplace
    Who should attend
    Office staff, managers, supervisors, frontline officers, customer relationship personnel and human resource managers
    This is a highly interactive workshop with mini lectures, role plays and vibrant group discussion. The return on investment is that the participants will take back with them effective communication strategies to ensure that they are able to effectively handled difficult people and turn them into allies.
    I have picked up what I can apply on my personal context. I can pick out active key defining characteristics. The "response" and "prevention" tips are very useful. Trainer gives out vivid example, good emotional analysis & suggestions, helps practical application.
    Ministry of Health

    Through the training, I am able to identity the different kinds of personality & their behavior, it is very engaging. The trainer is experienced and share interesting real life scenario/situation.
    Singapore Polytechnic

    Interesting topic that is relevant to my work. Highly effective facilitator.
    Ministry of Health

    Good analyse and breakdown of the various profile, Better appreciation on the 7 types of difficult people. Will apply the concepts and share with colleagues on pertinent points. The stories and sharing allowed me to better understand the various concepts. Also made the workshop interesting and enjoyable. The trainer is certainly knowledgeable, appreciate Daniel's informal style of conducting workshop which brings the whole session enjoyable and interesting
    Singapore Workforce Development Agency

    Be assertive! Mr Daniel is very knowledgeable & he is always willing to share his views.
    CPF Board

    It was useful to be aware of the different types of "corporate monsters" and their respective traits. Mr Daniel conducts the training in a very interactive and interesting manner such that the full day training was never boring. Daniel relates very well to every participants, he is very friendly and attentive during the whole training session.
    CPF Board

    Mr Daniel is a very knowledgeable trainer and gives practical solutions on how to work with difficult people. I learned how to work more effectively with people, The course is with full score!
    Ministry of Communications and Information
    Daniel Theyagu's Profile
    Daniel Theyagu is an ACTA-certified corporate trainer, Associate Adult Educator (AAE) and Certified Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP® with the American Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming ™. He has a Master in Education [University of Sheffield]; Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from University of Buckingham and Diploma in English from University of London.

    Since 1989, Daniel has conducted training for more than 600 organizations with his participants coming from more than 100 countries. He has designed and delivered customize training programs in areas of design thinking, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, crisis management, leadership, performance management, emotional intelligence, problem solving & decision making, creative thinking, critical thinking, systems thinking, business and personal ethics, speed reading, memory enhancement and customer relationship management. Daniel’s personal productivity programs have been very well received and has enriched the lives of countless individuals from different walks of life.

    Daniel is the author of six books and has written more than 300 articles that have been published in Straits Times and other magazines and journals. His published self-help books include:

    1. Gravitating towards success (Xlibris, US)
    2. Read Faster! Memorize Better! Think Clearer! – Three essential skills for a productive workforce (Xlibris, US)
    3. How to Think Critically with Sun Tzu’s Art of War Stratagems (Xlibris, US)
    4. Developing True Leadership Potential
    5. Guide to Success in Studies for Mature Students
    6. Making Memory Work For You

    Daniel also regularly interviewed on radio talk shows with 938 Live [Singapore] and his workshops are featured regularly in the newspapers that attracts wide variety of participants.

    As a keynote speaker in conferences and seminars, Daniel is well known for his light-hearted and humorous approach to training by using metaphors and parables and engaging his participants actively throughout his training program. His key forte is showing participants how to use the techniques taught during the workshop and measuring the returns on investment.
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