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    Date Jan 22 - 23, 2018
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
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    SGD 920.00
    3 & above: SGD900.00 each
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    SGD 874
    3 & above: SGD855 each
    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request
    Other Date(s)1) Apr 24 - 25, 2019
    2) Jul 25 - 26, 2019
    3) Oct 23 - 24, 2019
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    Imagine what you can accomplish if you are a confident speaker.

    A confident speaker can open many doors.
    A confident speaker can open many eyes.
    A confident speaker can make a difference.
    A confident speaker can influence the audience

    Don't delay. Develop your confidence now.
    Develop confidence in front of an audience
    • Deliver your speech with style and grace
    • Design your presentation/speech with clarity and hilarity
    • Discover the magic in rhetoric
    • Bring out the best of verbal and non-verbal communication in you
    • Understand the persuasive, assertive and creative power of speech

    This course will enlighten you about Behaviour, Knowledge and Skills of Public Speaking. These three critical success factors surround the core of public speaking. The more you understand your behaviour, your knowledge and the skills of public speaking; the more you can utilise the power of public speaking to influence the audience. You can succeed as a speaker, trainer and leader. This programme will help you analyse and internalise the techniques applied by these extraordinary speakers: Obama and Kennedy.
    Architecture of a speech
    • Compare speech with building
    • Grandeur, system and foundation
    • Different styles and structures
    • Leave a legacy

    Types of Presentation
    • Purpose and objective of a presentation
    • Techniques in crafting types of presentations
    • Analysis of a champion speech
    • Internalise the techniques of a champion speaker
    Organisation of a Presentation
    • Understanding the power of opening
    • Making your presentation memorable
    • Structuring your presentation for easy retrieving
    • Making your presentation go smoothly
    Ingredients of an impressive presentation
    • Ingredients of an effective speech
    • How to apply these in your speech
    • Rhetorical techniques – how to apply them
    • Stories and personal experiences
    Watch videos of Obama and JFK
    • Analysis of their speeches
    • Understand the techniques
    Overcome Stage Fright
    • Therapies to fight fear
    • How to overcome fear of the presentation
    • Sign and symptoms of fear
    • Creating a state of excellence
    Deliver with style
    • Body language
    • Platform manner
    • Vocal variety
    • Pause with authority
    First impression, lasting impression
    • Appearance
    • Create impact
    • Build rapport
    • Eye contact
    Think and speak spontaneously
    • Thinking on your feet
    • Techniques for impromptu speaking
    • Delivering seamlessly and effortlessly
    • Understanding the pitfalls and avoiding them
    Face to face with audience
    • Audience analysis
    • Handling questions and answers
    • Conduct Q & A with panache
    • Be the best you can be
    Who should attend
    CEOs, managers, sales people teachers, leaders, students and anyone who needs to speak in front of an audience.
    This workshop is designed to be interactive, lively and provide practical exercise for participants. The trainer will use talks, discussion, practice and video showing to make this course interesting. Many techniques of public speaking will be taught and demonstrated. Immediately after the course, all participants will notice the great difference in the ways they speak in front of an audience. We guarantee that this programme is vastly different from others. Ernest Chen is different, Ernest Chen has in-depth knowledge of public speaking; Ernest Chen is also the author of four books. Ernest will change you and bring you to stand on the pedestal.
    “Besides all the great pointers on public speaking, what I appreciate most about the course is the awareness that anyone can be a self-made speaker, thank you Ernest.”
    Sparkfury Creative Consultants

    “The course has provided me a good start on how to make a good presentation and also to ease my fear and gain confidence when speaking to the public.”
    Select Catering Services Ltd

    The whole class enjoyed your workshop
    . Most of all learned something from your charming skills in-order that we can be a great speaker.
    The types of presentation, ingredients of a great speech, overcome stage fright, deliver with style, first & last impression, think & speak spontaneously + good foods at the hotel .
    A truly passionate teacher & a good motivator.
    Singapore Polytechnic

    Ernest showed professionalism in his handouts/lectures, showed enthusiasm in his method of teaching and most importantly showed his patience. He never puts anyone down. Instead he makes constructive criticism, guiding each and everyone along whilst sharing his very own personnal experiences hoping we would be able to excel like he did in public speaking. I definitely look up to him as a role-model. Thanks once again Ernest. In the past where I'd rather listen than be listened, I'll try to take every opportunity to speak up
    Techfield Supply Pte Ltd

    I have learnt many techniques which I can immediately apply in my work and outside of work. Workshop activities are well paced and structured. The workbook is very practical. Trainer is very experienced and able to excite our passion in learning.
    Skool4kidz Pte Ltd.

    Very experienced public speaker, speak from experience! Ernest is very knowledgeable, give examples appropriately.
    CPF Board
    Ernest Chen's Profile
    Mr. Chen BA, MBA is a consummate speaker and trainer.
    He is the author of 'Earnestly Speaking', a bestseller in public speaking.
    He has conducted many workshops in Singapore and the region.
    He is also a trainer in Trainerpreneur programme.
    As a Distinguished Toastmaster, he is known as the Father of Toastmasters movement in Singapore. Mr. Chen has the ability to captivate the audience and keep their attention alive.

    Mr. Chen has been a trainer and speaker for 20 years. He developed his own training programmes and customized programmes for clients.
    Recently, Mr. Chen was featured in Sunday Times in a one page story about public speaking. Mr. Chen is known as the GodFather of Toastmasters in Singapore.
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