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    Date Nov 17, 2016
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
    7% GST will apply
    SGD 595.00
    For Member
    SGD 565.25
    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request
    As a leader or manager it’s important to be able to exert influence beyond just the authority you are given. Authority gets the job done, but influence gets it done better. Every connection is an opportunity to have a rich, fruitful and influential relationship that benefits both parties.

    Are you having the right impact on the people around you? Are you developing the trust and respect you would like? To find out how to influence the right people in the right way, join us on this great workshop. Get practical tools and tips to help you build your Leadership Influence.
    By the end of the training session, you will:
    • understand influence and how to develop yours
    • be more aware of your influencing strengths and weaknesses
    • have practised a range of influencing skills
    • have identified targets and appropriate strategies to influence them
    • have a personal influence development plan
    Influence cornerstones
    • Influential people
    • Key influencing factors and how to develop trust
    • Your personal communication network
    • Making connections - expanding your influence

    Influencing techniques
    • The Right Angle ‘Represent’TM communication system
    • Developing your Leadership credibility
    • Authentic communication
    • Connecting with people
    • The influencing skill of listening
    • Questioning skills – using second level questions to make deeper connections
    • Building empathy
    • The feel good factor
    • Understanding personality types

    Influencing strategies
    • Modern motivation theory, the carrot and beyond
    • What motivates your team
    • The emotional bank account
    • Influence development - profiling your team and key contacts
    • Your personal influence plan
    Who should attend
    If you want to develop the influence you have at work then this course will help you to understand what the important factors are and give you the awareness and skills to leverage them. Whoever you want to influence - colleagues, customers, team members, bosses or employees - this workshop will help you.
    The programme will be a mixture of presentation, hands-on activities, discussion and role-play.
    Andy Gurnett's Profile
    Andy has worked in learning and development in Singapore and the region for over nineteen years. He ran the British Council’s Professional Development Centre for several years and, prior to setting up The Right Angle, spent two years as a Deputy Director working for the Singapore Government’s Institute for Adult Learning. Andy has trained thousands of people in a range of topics over the years and has developed a very clear understanding of what people and organisations need to make their learning successful. 

    On the subject of presence and influence, in the last few years he has worked with organisations such as Sumitomo Corporation, the Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association, Fitch Ratings, SingHealth, UBS, Chevron, Siegwerk, SMRT, Johnson & Johnson, YKK, IDC, and Swarovski.

    Andy has a degree in Electronics from the University of Keele in the UK, a post-graduate certificate and diploma in adult learning, and a number of practitioner qualifications in learning tools for team and leadership development. He is a professional grade member of the Adult Educators’ Network, Singapore. 

    Andy has delivered presentations at a number of HR conferences, and in 2010 shared his ideas on creativity in photography (his pastime) at a TEDx Singapore event.
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