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    Date Aug 14, 2018
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
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    SGD 500.00
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    Have you wondered if you only wished you get an insight into the experience and feeling of the customer that you are dealing with instead of just understanding the customer needs? Do you want to transition from transaction based customer relationship towards discovery based customer relationship? Have you ever felt how nice it would be, employees in your organization unleashed the power of their creative and innovative streak in any process or product that they produce & perform, be it your superiors or your peers or your subordinates? How would the workplace productivity be if the employees use more creative juice in their work instead of just doing mundane firefighting? Are you wondering how Design Thinking Methodology can complement other various aspects of Business Excellence Initiatives?

    Here is the answer for all the above questions. “Design Thinking Methodology” shows you how to be in the shoe of user / customer and feel the customer heart beat before understanding the customer needs and develop the product, service, process that has a customer or user’s empathy & experience embedded. Design thinking methodology is a powerful, inclusive and structured innovation unleashing approach to all things you do in your work life and in your personal life. Come, join, learn, discover and apply the power of Design Thinking Methodology through this Introductory Design Thinking Workshop.
    At the end of this highly-interactive workshop, successful participants will learn to:
    • How visualize & map customer/user empathy, customer/user feeling before conceptualizing & developing any product or service or process
    • How to generate many creative ideas in a very short time span and how to filter most suitable ideas that meets customer experience & needs
    • How to rapidly prototype & test the selected concept & idea
    • How to fail early, fail often but at low risk and at low cost
    • Various case studies of applying Design Thinking Methodology in Product design, Process Improvement, Employee Engagement, Organizational Excellence
    • Introduction, Purpose of the workshop
    • What is Design Thinking / How does it fit into big sphere of Business excellence & Organizational Excellence
    • Thinking “Inside out”. “Why, How, What” approach
    • Design Thinking Methodology & Tools Overview
    • Design Crunch & Review
    • The Power of Empathy. Visualising & Developing Customer experience
    • Discovering - Researching, Synthesizing & Applying the tools for the Big Idea
    • Defining, Ideation, Prototyping & Validation
    • Sharing, Presentation & Debrief
    • Design Thinking Case Study & Success Stories
    Who should attend
    • GM, MDs, CEOs, Design Heads etc who want to explore beyond the current concept of capturing Voice of Customers, Customer values and want to unleash the creative talent of all the employees across the enterprise
    • Senior Managers / Managers who want to develop their employees’ innovative ability while designing and maintaining any process or product inside the organization
    • Designers who are at the forefront of Product Design, or Process Design, or Service Design
    • Anyone who want to learn beyond the concept of understanding “Customer Needs” / “Customer Value” and explore “how” to capture “customer feeling”
    Highly interactive, extensively hands on workshop on how to empathise with customers, how to generate & conceptualize many creative ideas and how to do rapid prototyping & validate the selected idea(s).

    The facilitator brings his personal experience of how he successfully implemented Design Thinking Methodology in his various organizations, and will provide information into what worked, what did not, and how Design Thinking Methodology can play a highly complementary role along with various other Business Excellence Initiatives that an enterprise may already has embarked or planning to embark
    Ramesh Rao's Profile
    Ramesh Rao holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and in Finance, an MBA in Finance & Supply Chain. Ramesh also is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, certified Lean Leader, Certified SCOR Professional, experienced Design Thinking Facilitator and a certified Hoshin & Strategy Consultant.

    Ramesh has 24 years of excellent experience in Global MNCs in Product Design, Process Development, Automation Design, Customer Service, Manufacturing Operations, Supplier & Customer Quality, Business Excellence & Operations Finance. Ramesh last held the position as Head of World Wide Operations Finance for a leading US MNC managing USD 500 Million across 4 different countries, 3 continents. He is very well versed in various cultures across the globe having developed, managed and led the teams across many countries.

    Currently Ramesh runs a Business Consultancy focusing on Turning around the underperforming companies across Asia. Ramesh also facilitates various public and in house workshops imparting the knowledge and experience he gained throughout his professional career. Ramesh is the South East Asia charter President of “International Alliance of Business Excellence”, a Non Profit Organization that engages in spreading & sharing Best Practices in Business Excellence Domain across the world. Ramesh builds robots in his free time, is an avid jazz music listener & reads various non fiction books, an avid cyclist and currently is learning “Playing Drums”.
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