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    Date Jan 15, 2018
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
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    SGD 490.00
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    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request
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    2) Apr 11, 2019
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    T: (65) 9879 6267
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    Interviews are used extensively to establish the facts of a case, complaint or accuracy of information given. This course conducted by an experience practitioner trainer will provide participants with the application skills to conduct effective interviews to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    At the end of the course the participants should be able to:
    1. Understand the Framework in encouraging truthfulness
    2. Apply the interview strategy to detect lies
    3. Understand the psychology in detecting deception
    4. Apply the system based detecting deception techniques
    5. Appreciate the science and art of an interrogation

    a. Framework for encouraging truthful environment: Awareness, Appreciation & Accountability
    b. Integrity interview: screening process to establish truthful candidates
    c. Question techniques - formulation & design
    e. Practical application exercise on real cases

    Participants will be introduced to the various methods employed by leading practitioners to establish truthful information from interviewing subjects. The program provides the effectiveness of adopting the right strategy, acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to promote integrity in the working environment. Also included is the mechanics in structuring questions so that skilful subjects are unable to avoid giving meaningful answers to questions posed. Through experience, it was discovered that this is the weakest link of even experienced interviewers. As such Jeffery has designed specific guidelines to deal with various situations like evasiveness including the effective use of follow-up questions.


    a. Physiological & Psychological factors
    b. Micro facial expressions
    c. Behavioural, verbal & non-verbal analysis
    d. 5C lie detection technique©
    e. Practical application at various stages

    Interviewers must be able to uncover the truth, half-truths and lies from the interviewee. Granted that even the best trained and experienced interviewers will not be able to detect lies 100% of the time. But given the proper training and practice, practitioners can achieve a high successful rate in detecting lies. They will be taught how to read facial expression and identifying deceptive behavioural responses, non-verbal indicators and inconsistent verbal content. The interview system developed over many years of experience will provide an effective method of evaluating subject interviewed to obtain the truth. Many local cases will be used including videos on live interviews to allow participants to apply the techniques taught in detecting deception in different types of cases and context.

    An insight into the science and art of interrogation using trickery and deception to create a perception that you have all the evidence and admission (or confession) is his best option will be demonstrated in a real case showcasing the 5-step technique used.
    Who should attend
    • Professionals such as Auditors, Financial Controllers, Accountants, Lawyers, prosecutors, Law Enforcement Officers, Investigators, Educators.
    • Senior Management, Team Leaders, Line Managers, Anyone with a supervisory function.
    • Officers/ Managers in Recruitment, Human Resource, Procurement. Officers/ Managers managing Feedback/ Complaints.
    • Officers/ Managers managing contractors/ vendors Insurers, Charities, Businesses and anyone who may be tasked to conduct inquiries and/or investigation into any incident or complaints
    Jeffery Ang's Profile

    He has extensive experience in training, conducting interviews and investigations. He was with the Singapore Police, Commercial Affairs Department and CID for 27 years investigating many fraud cases and dealing with major syndicates. He received a letter of appreciation from the recording industry (IFPI) in 1997 for leading a successful operation against a major fraud syndicate. Because of his vast experience he was selected to be the Training Officer for CID in April 1998. There he developed the Interview Techniques Course and became the pioneer instructor in the Course conducted by CID for all Police Investigators. He also played a major role in the setting up of the new School of Criminal Investigation for CID in 2001 and the development of the various Investigation courses until his retirement in Sep 2002. During that time he was presented with two Commendations and two Director CID Awards.

    He has conducted many In-house Interview and Investigation courses for public and private organizations like the Commercial Affairs Department, Singapore and Malaysian Customs, Prisons, Ministry of Education, School clusters, Council for Private Education, BCA, IRAS, HSA, NEA, MINDEF, MTI, MOE, SGX, M1, CISCO, Prudential, Great Eastern Life, AIA and NTUC Income insurers, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Comfort Delgro, OCBC Bank, Mandarin and Orchard Hotel groups, Hilton Hotel group in Malaysia, Police Integrity Commission in Maldives, Fraud Investigation course for Ministry of Finance Afghanistan in Dubai, Fortune 500 Company Flextronics regional auditors in China where he received a Testimonial for providing an excellent program and many more.

    He was the Head of Loss Prevention for Sentosa Island for 5 years overseeing the prosecution, enforcement, security and investigation functions with about 100 staff under him. In recognition for his outstanding performance, he received a Commendation from the Singapore Police Force for the year 2006.

    He currently conducts training and consutancy globally. He is a practitioner trainer and licensed private investigator providing integrity interview for job applicants, staff interrogation and investigation services using the same techniques provided in his training. After he completed his first book on conducting Investigative interviews for distribution only in his course with overwhelming response, he decided to write his second book on conducting a non-confrontational interrogation. He wrote his third and final book Investigation 101 on conducting fraud and misconduct investigation because of overwhelming requests for such training and the increasing dishonest society we live in.
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