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    Date Nov 20 - 21, 2017
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
    7% GST will apply
    SGD 1550.00
    3 & above: SGD1500.00 each
    For Member
    SGD 1472.5
    3 & above: SGD1425 each
    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request

    Including a copy of trainer Mukul’s latest book - Make Success A Habit to Encourage People
    The Influential Leadership program is designed to empower leaders facing uncertainty due to rapid change and disruption. With an accelerating speed of disruption in the business environment today, it is essential for leaders who are strategically smart and tactically sound, and who can lead high performing teams that thrive in times of challenge and change.

    The influential leadership program is a two-day workshop that helps you to apply different ways of thinking and working, so as to manage performance, solve complex problems, and harness change/disruption to gain a competitive edge.

    This is a highly experiential, practical and pragmatic program that elevates your clarity, confidence and capacity; such that you can inspire your teams to think for themselves, be more self-directed, solve their own problems, and harness their diversity and strengths to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively.
    This two day program helps you to:
    1. Enhance self-awareness. Understand how your feelings drive your thoughts and actions, and how to manage them, such that you are responding in a purposeful and positive manner at all times.

    2. Harness strengths more powerfully for changing times. Learn how to be more versatile in leading diverse personalities and situations effectively. This ability is essential to lead teams in these times of disruption and change.

    3. Gain clarity and confidence in delivering organisational goals. You will learn to breakdown your roles into Simple, Repetitive and Visible actions. And leverage on practical tools and techniques to enhance personal and team performance.

    4. Nurture empowered, high performing teams. Know how to build and nurture high performing teams, manage inter-personal conflicts, empower, motivate and support them to deliver the organisational goals in the most cost and time-efficient manner.
    Module 1: The Foundation of Exemplary Leadership

    • Understanding myself - how I think, behave and inter-relate
    • Emotional Intelligence at work
    • Managing myself so that my best is consistently visible
    • The Leadership Wheel
    • Balancing people needs and organizational goals

    Module 2: Managing Tasks Effectively & Efficiently

    • Aligning personal goals with corporate values
    • Clarifying my role and how I am meeting organisational goals
    • Breaking down my role into a simple, easy to implement action list
    • Increasing my confidence in delivering on my role, most time and cost effectively

    Module 3: Use Coaching Conversations to Create A Competitive Culture

    • Creating an open, growth-oriented and people-centered culture
    • Giving forward-looking, actionable feedback
    • Ensuring people solve their own problems and achieve their goals efficiently
    • Laser Coaching at Work

    Module 4: Review, Reflection and Personal Action Plan

    • Personal realisations and peer sharing
    • Setting a new direction - walk out with a simple and effective action plan that resonates with you.

    Module 5: Reinforcement & Application of Learning

    • Re-visit, reinforcement and application of learning
    • Peer sharing – Evolving practical solutions to real leadership issues

    Module 6: Inspiring People, Managing Performance

    • Small group discussion - Aligning personal values and corporate goals
    • How my team members think, behave and inter-relate with others
    • Their levels of competence and how to adapt my style to get the best out of them
    • The tasks they need to perform – application of tool and buddy sharing
    • Measuring, managing and supporting their performance
    • Peer coaching - Helping them perform in the most energised and empowered manner

    Module 7: Personal Development & Succession Planning

    • Planning my development – ensuring I am always future ready & relevant
    • Supporting team development, to build a robust succession plan and leadership pipeline
    • Harnessing the power of team diversity – across cultures, gender, job functions and personality

    Module 8: Making It Real - ‘Live’ case study

    • Case study – application of learning
    • Action plan to deal with live issue or opportunity being faced by the organisation
    • Group presentations and de-briefing.
    • Learning Circle 
    Who should attend
    • High performers and emerging leaders who want to prepare themselves for managerial positions and seek significant growth opportunities
    • New and seasoned managers who want to enhance key managerial and leadership competencies
    • Veteran leaders seeking to re-charge and re-ignite their skills, and achieve outstanding results for themselves and their organisations

    The foundation of all our programmes is a unique Action-based Learning Methodology designed to produce lasting, personal, relevant and actionable realisations.
    The Action-based Learning Methodology has four distinct modes of knowledge production: theoretical knowledge, technical skills, experiential encounters, and reflection and realisation.
    The use of these multiple methods to engage and challenge participants generates the buy-in, commitment and connection needed to ensure sustainable transformation, and thus increase profitability and productivity.


    Our unique action-based methodology enables participants to not just expand their horizons by seeing other concepts, but also to identify Simple-Repetitive-Visible actions that they can use to implement the concepts, both at work, and in their personal lives.
    “The most important thing I realized about myself is that I had not stopped to think. It is good to stop, think and reflect. And use the four things that were shared- think, listen, speak and act. This masterclass has been fulfilling for the mind and the heart.”
    Vice President, Medical Affairs, Asia Pacific, Covidien

    “Karen has the ability to bring practical actions to the forefront of your thinking. She has enabled many ‘ah ha’ moments in the training she has done with us.”
    Credit Suisse

    “Mukul is an astute observer. Given his intellectual depth, it is a pleasure being challenged by him. Thanks to Mukul’s winwin approach, you get to come out a winner.”
    QBE General Insurance

    An excellent course, re-ignite the confidence within oneself to move three steps forward.
    Omega Integration
    Karen Leong's Profile
    Karen Leong is an authority on Influence, and is highly regarded for her transformational programmes. Featured as one of Singapore’s Ten Influential Professional speakers by the Singapore Business review, and honoured with the Women Icons Award by the Business Excellence and Research Group, Karen’s Influence 247 system has helped thousands of executives in Asia Pacific to leverage on powerful, practical solutions to win people over.

    A TEDx speaker and the author of the book Win People Over – 75 Simple and Powerful Ways to Influence Anyone, she is also a contributing author of the best-seller ’88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success at Work’. Acknowledged in the media as an influence thought-leader, she analysed the USA 2016 presidential debates “live on Channel News Asia. She is also regularly featured on Channel U, The Straits Times, Mediacorp Radio 938LIVE, BFN 89.9 and leading magazines.

    Karen is a chartered accountant with a decade-long corporate career spanning audit, consulting and corporate education. She specialised in business consulting and IPO projects with KPMG and KPMG Consulting in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

    Karen is accredited as a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), and is a master trainer in Improving Human Performance Certificate program by ASTD (American Society of Training and Development. She is a professional member with the Asia Professional Speakers Association.
    Mukul Deva's Profile
    An alumnus of La Martiniere College, Lucknow, the National Defence Academy, Pune, and the Indian Military Academy, Dehra Dun, Mukul was commissioned as an officer in the SIKH LIGHT INFANTRY of the Indian Army in 1981.

    Honing his leadership skills in the crucible of combat, with a decade of operational service in India and overseas, Mukul then turned his attention to the corporate battlefield, and to his first love - writing. His entrepreneurial journey resulted in two companies that have touched thousands of lives in a dozen countries. And his books, fiction and non-fiction, in five different genres, have been applauded and appreciated the world over.

    What truly drives Mukul is his passion for helping others live up to their potential. Hence, acquiring certification in coaching from the Henley Business School, University of Reading, U.K. Mukul, continued his journey as The Change Maker. He is also a highly sought after and acclaimed Executive Coach, professional mentor, and facilitator.

    His life mantra is If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
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