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    Date Dec 08, 2017
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
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    Other Date(s)1) Oct 09, 2018
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    The world is changing at an ever faster speed, and leaders need to be equipped to be able to set the right course for their organisations in a way that aligns the entire team towards success. This course will introduce the foundational concepts of strategic thinking and critical reflection, which will enable an organisation to act for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders and avoid the short- view thinking syndrome which has undermined the success of many corporations, government agencies and public institutions. The course will present a structured methodology to formulate a winning strategy, including Vision, Purpose and Goals.
    The aim of this course is to equip leaders with the mind set and methodologies that are essential to develop, distil and deploy a comprehensive Strategy, providing them with a key enabler to achieve their organisation’s long-term performance ambitions. Participants will be systematically introduced to all the major building blocks of a solid Strategy, including Vision, Value Proposition, Long-Term Goals, Annual Objectives and Improvement Initiatives. Using exercises and examples to reinforce critical concepts and implementation methods, trainees will learn to apply the strategy development techniques in a real-life case study which is used throughout the entire course.
    Strategic Thinking

    A brief introduction of Strategy will be provided, along with an emphasis on Long-Term Thinking. The duality & challenges of strategy will be explored in terms of finding the right balance between long-term and short-term thinking. We will learn about the need to ‘change the lenses’ between Strategic, Tactical and Operational perspectives. Strategy will be presented as a 360 degree process that requires intense Stakeholder engagement and cross-functional alignment. Finally, we will understand the attributes and characteristics of a solid strategy, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

    Establishing Vision and Purpose through Reflection

    What lies below the surface level of thinking? In this session we will understand how the organisation’s Vision, Culture and Value systems tie into the strategy. A big emphasis will also be placed on identifying a strong sense of Purpose for the organisation. Without these high-level elements, specific plans are meaningless. In order to assess relevant external forces, analytical tools such as the Future Outlook and Porter’s Five Forces will be utilised. Methodologies to expose risks and reveal opportunities through intense self- reflection will be introduced, as well as the basic framework for how to construct a strategy to address long-term needs.

    Goal-Setting and Alignment

    Once the basic purpose and direction is established, Goals that address the needs of key stakeholders are then identified. Teams will develop three to five year Goals for the ongoing case study that, if achieved, will lead to attainment of the overall Vision. Based on the long-term Goals, Annual Objectives will be identified which will break down the goals into manageable pieces that can be accomplished in roughly one year. Most importantly, participants will learn the criticality of establishing cross-functional alignment, which is accomplished through the fine art of Nemawashi, or systematic consensus- building.

    Action Planning and Resource Allocation

    While Goals and Objectives are needed, they are not enough to effectively implement a strategy. This session will outline how each Objective must be broken down into specific Action Plans, which are essentially the key improvement initiatives. Each Action Plan is then assigned targets, timing, human resources and financial support. Before finalising the initiatives, the team must take into account its overall resource allocation to ensure that budget is available and no resource is overburdened with ‘improvement fatigue’. Participants will engage in exercises that task them with identifying appropriate Actions Plans for the case study.

    Strategy Deployment, Leadership and Governance

    Unfortunately, many strategies end at the plan development stage and this is why many of them fail. This session will illustrate how the plans need to be deployed to every level of the organisation, communicated broadly and clearly and sustained through a rigorous governance process. The leadership behaviours essential to successfully deploying and maintaining a strategy will be covered here, and the characteristics of an effective governance framework will be introduced.
    Who should attend
    This course is aimed at Senior Leadership, Middle Managers, Strategists, Business Development leads, Planners and Business Excellence leads, or anyone else who is involved in strategy development and deployment. The course is designed to be relevant to all kinds of industries, and across the private sector, government agencies and public institutions.
    “Thank you for this great training, one of my best training ever had, your vivid examples; personal experience, sense of humor and team exercise is very helpful.”
    Jeff Tong - Manager, Dell

    “It was a great master class and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.”
    Erik Wee - Quality Manager, Pan Pacific Hotels

    “Thanks for your enthusiasm in bringing us through the workshop. We felt our passion as much as we felt yours”.
    Ong, Sing Chin - Director, NTUC Eldercare

    I would rate the programme to be beneficial and relevant to the work that I am doing and help me to understand further the concepts and ideas on strategic thinking and development. The trainer is well knowledgeable and understood well in these areas and has the experience to share them with us.
    Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)

    It was an extremely insightful programme, that allowed for very valuable and rich discussions to take place. The trainer showed much insight and expertise into the topic, and was a very good facilitator as well. The exercises he gave us during the class were really very useful and I intend to apply them to my area of work too.
    Singapore Totalisator Board

    “Good balance for theory & practive.”

    “Very useful for middle management to understand the process.”
    Manager from a local private company
    John S. Hamalian's Profile
    John S. Hamalian has over 20 years of experience at General Motors and Dell, specialising in Lean Management, Business Improvement, Strategy and Organisational Development. With assignments based in the USA, China, Korea, India and Singapore, he has held 2 Asia-Pacific Regional Director positions. John is an adjunct professor at various universities, a published writer on Lean, Strategy and global perspectives, and an active speaker at Business Excellence conferences, global corporations, public agencies and professional institutions.
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