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    Date Sep 29, 2017
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
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    SGD 450.00
    3 & above: SGD430.00 each
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    SGD 427.5
    3 & above: SGD408.5 each
    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request
    Other Date(s)1) Jul 18, 2018
    2) Nov 16, 2018
    You may reach us via
    T: (65) 9879 6267
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    Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) is a body of knowledge and skills that explicitly deals with enhancing your mind.

    This knowledge and skills examines the patterns of behaviour and helps people increase their self-awareness. Many people have used NLP skills to reprogram their mind, change the patterns of their thoughts and emotional behaviours effectively.

    Today the NLP techniques and skills are used by many successful individuals and organizations, celebrities, athletes and others. When you have acquired the NLP techniques, all you need to do is to apply the skills learnt over and over again until it comes part of you unconsciously.
    This 1 day intensive workshop is designed to provide you the essential NLP Models and techniques to help you to quickly understand and apply the skills occasionally in your professional and personal life.

    “People are always making the best choice(s) available to them at the time”
    NLP Presupposition
    After attending this 1 day intensive workshop, you will be able:
    1. Define what is does the term ‘NLP’ means and how it can benefit you.

    2. Discover the NLP Communication Model that is within you

    3. Use well established presuppositions as the guiding beliefs

    4. Examine situations from three different perspectives

    5. Transform limiting beliefs mindset to an empowering beliefs mindset

    6. Develop a positive mindset

    7. Ask empowering questions for solutions to problem

    8. Apply outcome thinking approach than the problem –based thinking approach.

    9. Set a goal using a seven –step ‘well-formed outcome’ approach

    10. Apply the Reframing technique to change your feelings towards an event or situation

    11. Change your emotional states through the use anchors

    12. Apply the meta model in your internal dialogue to discover whether you have any demotivating or unrealistic comparisons in your mind

    13. Ask the right questions to clarify information which are deleted, distorted or generalized using the Meta Language Model

    14. Build personal resilience
    1. What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming )

    2. Benefits of using NLP techniques

    3. NLP Communication Model

    4. Ten Useful Presuppositions ( Guiding Beliefs assume to be true )

    5. Three Perspectives Positioning ( Perceptual Views )

    6. Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

    7. Empowering questions to make “ breakthroughs”

    8. Ten Tips to become positive

    9. Outcome thinking vs Problem –based thinking

    10. Create a Well –formed Outcome for a goal set

    11. Anchoring Tools to change current emotional state

    12. Reframing Mind

    13. Deletion, Distortion and Generalization ( Meta Model ) to ask the right questions

    14. Personal Resilience ( Ten Ways )
    Who should attend
    Managers, supervisors, executive, team leaders, junior staff, teachers, and anyone at any level who wish to develop their neuro linguistic programming skills to cause a mindset change and achieve better outcome.
    The workshop is designed to be lively and Interactive with group activities Participants will be introduced to useful models to apply in their daily interaction.
    Help me remain positive and handle challenge faced at work. Discussion and activities help to reinforce the concepts taught. Trainer is experienced with wealth of knowledge on the subject. Able to interact well with class and share examples.
    Institute of Technical Education

    Knowledgeable and resourceful trainer who could make the lesson interactive and fun! It has helped me to take and think more actively.
    Institute of Technical Education

    Very sincere and Genuine trainer! Elaborate on examples very well for the case studies.
    Changi Airport Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

    Practical and relevant!
    Ministry of Manpower

    The course is with full of score!
    Singapore Tourism Board
    Francis Claudius's Profile
    Francis Claudius has more 25 years of training experience. He was a professional trainer, facilitator and an in-house training consultant.

    He has a passion for human development to excel in their work or personal life as well. He conducts the training in a lively manner with enthusiasm, passion and dedication in an interactive style by engaging participants to contribute ideas and their experiences. He is well verse with the adult learning approach and applies it.

    Francis is also a good speaker too with strong vocal strength. He has participated in topics presented in the events of the International Association of Master Trainer (IAMT). He had received a Bronze Certificate for being the Best Presenter. He holds a Competent Toastmaster and Competent Leader Award from the Toastmasters International. He was a member of Association of Professional Trainers Singapore (APTS). In 2014 he received the Lecturers Dedication Award from PSB Academy.

    His qualification includes the Bachelor of Business Administration, Dip Training & Development Cert. Training Management, Graduate Cert. In Management Consultancy , Dip in Public Speaking, Cert IV in Telecommunications Call Centre , Cert IV in Assessment & Workplace Training, Graduate Diploma In Marketing (CIM) ,Certified Behavioral Specialist ,Certified EQ Facilitator/Trainer,Certified NLP Practitioner ,Certified Life Coach, Certified Service Professional Trainer ,Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA) and Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE).
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