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    Date Nov 27, 2017
    Time 9:00am to 5:00pm
    Venue Mandarin Orchard Singapore
    333 Orchard Road
    Singapore 238867
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    NoteBreakfast, two tea breaks and buffet lunch will be served; complimentary car parking coupon will be provided upon request
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    2) Jun 26, 2019
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    4) Dec 09, 2019
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    A simple set of effective communication tools for dealing with difficult people

    The workplace is a complicate place; it is impossible to live a life without discussion and confrontation. For various reasons very often, discussions and confrontation may turn to be very challenging and problematic. Confrontational discussions are normally the reason of many conflicts, which can influence your effectiveness and wellbeing. The way you communicate is the primary determinant of whether the person you are interacting with will listen and think about what you say, be indifferent to it, or fight against it. A lot of conflicts in the workplace can be eliminated through the use of specific language techniques that encourage working together rather than creating ugly confrontation. Some ways of communicating increase friction and anger; other ways motivate people to work with you and not against you. Often the people we label difficult or problematic, including ourselves, just don’t know any better; we may not know how to act differently, or how to deal with a specific situation that is causing us discomfort. Problematic discussions can only be handled when we have a good knowledge of our emotional-ability, conversational-ability and relational-ability. In this workshop we aim to equip you with enough learning and practical tools which will help you to face problematic discussions and general conflicts with confidence and emotional balance. After the course, you will hopfully be able to contribute in a very effective way to healthier and fulfilling relationships, both at work and at home.
    • You can understand what is your responsibility in what is happening during a challenging discussion, and your healthy options.
    • You can learn a new empowering co-operative language.
    • You can master some new strategy in order to handle challenging discussions.
    • You can learn how to prevent challenging discussion in the first place.
    • You will discover why been assertive is not offensive, but actually respectful because an essential skill in order to contribute to a desired outcome.
    • You can experience how to apply the learning with the help of cases study.
    • Understand how you contribute to problematic discussions and what to do about it
    • Learn about your emotional-ability
    • Appreciate the 5 key assumptions about conflicts and master your mind
    • Identify the benefit of resolution
    • Learn the core strategies you need in order to handle Challenging Discussions
    • Understand why effective listening skill is paramount in a conflictual situation.
    • Assimilate the main principles of defusing hostile conversation
    • Recognize the great difference between hostility Vs. assertiveness, and blame Vs. accountability
    • Acquire co-operative & mutual understanding communication
    • Apprehend the 3 steps involved in constructive-problematic-conversation-resolution
    Who should attend
    • Managers at any level
    • Self-employed
    • Sales, marketing and service personnel
    • Employees at any level
    • Directors
    • Team Leaders
    • Supervisors
    • Teachers
    • Projects co-ordinators
    • Anyone who wish to learn about this specific topic
    Participants will experience the theory and the practice of what they will learn with the use of:
    • Lecturing
    • Group Discussion & Sharing
    • Personalised Coaching
    • Cases Study
    • Training Manuals
    • Video clips
    "Mr Leonardo is very engaging and imported very valuable skills on handling challenging discussions"
    Ministry of Social and Family Development

    "Good workshop that emphasises on key concepts for effective communication which is key to empow a successful conversation, picked up useful tips, thanks!"
    Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

    Made me reflect on how I can improve in my communication skills with people around me. Useful workshop, well done. Very knowledgeable. Able to explain and address the concerns surfaced by students.
    People's Association

    "The trainer is so inspiring, challenging us to apply what we have learnt to change our lives for a better us and others. I participated an impacted by the rational /emotional mind and train our brain to move from negative to positive thinking, thank you!"
    Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

    "Very practical content which participants will then need to put into practice. Good mix of slides, video & exercise, class size is suitable so everyone has a chance to speak."
    Ministry of Social and Family Development

    Very good trainer! One of the best trainers I've encountered. Very engaging and able to answer questions without attempting to skirt the questions.
    Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

    "Very motivational!"
    Parker Hannifin Singapore Pte Ltd

    "Helps me to see people & situation in a new light to communicate to move effectively, Mr Leonardo is awesome! Great trainer!"
    Ministry of Manpower

    I learned things that I can apply at work. This course achieved my objectives. Workshop is excellent. There are good examples to illustrate. Trainer is very knowledgeable and interactive.
    Mapletree Facilities Services Pte Ltd
    Leonardo Talpo's Profile
    Leonardo is an energetic Training Facilitator; Relationships Counsellor & Personal Coach whose sense of humour paired with his relaxed and confident style can be of real inspiration to clients and audiences.

    In the corporate environment he is an expert in 'Communication-Relationships at Work' & 'Emotional Competence'. He brings his own creativity and business experience to his clients by means of the experience he gained through his own life challenges and studies in the area of human development.

    By combining his knowledge in Psychology, Counselling and NLP coaching techniques and his 17 years in the corporate world, Leonardo has the capacity to help people, business executives and companies to create solutions for today's challenges in retention, recruitment, work-life balance, stress, relationship conflict and burning out. Leonardo's passion is to promote cultures where individuals thrive to be efficient and productive, while taking care of their health and wellbeing.

    Leonardo has almost two decades of professional experience as a senior executive in corporate business. A native Italian, he has lived in Singapore since 1995, and travelled extensively for business in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Europe and through this he has developed a deep understanding of a multitude of cultures.
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